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Beck - Commander

Post by Beck on Thu Aug 22, 2013 10:19 pm


8 Years (Older Adult)

Epsilon x Sinead

None at the present.

Rank Desired:

Now please answer the following questions: {The way your character would}

Please make it readable. Not squished together.

You see someone new in the group, what do you do?
Assuming they have been directed to the website, a welcoming would do. I would attempt to make them feel comfortable as an important member of the group. No use in scaring them off. Strength is in numbers, as they say.

Quick! A lion is about to attack some pups! What do you do?
I am obviously hardly a match for a grown lion, but I might at least be more maneuverable and swift. There is no way I would try and attack it head-on, unless my tactics were to fail. I might perhaps be able to buy the pups some time, and still make a hasty retreat. But first I would try to distract the lion, keeping it's focus on me, and snatch the pups when I find the right moment.

Two canines are approaching the group. Both look... angry. What do you do?
These canines unquestionably are not approaching for friendly matters. I would have to assert myself and prove with bodily actions that I will defend the pack should it need defending. I would certainly not attack them up front, even if I believe I might be able to overpower the two combined. That is a risk hardly worth taking. No, instead I would be very cautious, inform them that they are invading on pack territory, and kindly implore them to leave, unless they were there for pack-related business. Even then, it would still be a good idea to be wary.

Someone suspicious has joined the group. What do you do?
I cannot convict someone of treason or some other crime for just appearing suspicious, but I would certainly keep my eye of them for awhile and make sure that nothing sinister is going on behind the scenes. In the meantime, I'll inform whoever the naval might be at the time so they might observe as well.

Two canines (in the pack) are fighting over a meek scrap of food. What do you do?
A petty thing to fight over. Brawl amongst members over a morsel of food is childish, and should be intolerable. If they want it so bad, however, it could easily be split in two, or done away with altogether. They can simply go and hunt if they please, and will probably find something more worthwhile than a 'meek scrap.'

Our newest Commander.

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Re: Beck - Commander

Post by Sorren on Thu Aug 22, 2013 10:26 pm

I like the way you think, Beck. We will perform your King Cerimony at once so you may recieve your new title.

To get past the blight,
one must over come their
fear of death.

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