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Name: Satin Smooth

Age: Two and one half

Parents: Morphine(Mother) and Kalona(Father)

Mate/pups: No Mate. Mother to None.

Rank Desired: Sorcerer

Now please answer the following questions: {The way your character would}

Please make it readable. Not squished together.

You see someone new in the group, what do you do?
I immediately welcome them, it's not of a good nature to just pass them by. A small conversation is in order as well, I find that one must get to know their pack members.

Quick! A lion is about to attack some pups! What do you do?
If caught off guard, I would most likely do something hasty and attack this lion. Seeing as I would be no match would not simply deture me. I'd rather let the pups get away than save my own life; our youth is to replace our fallen and thus, I feel the pups are first and for most.

Two canines are approaching the group. Both look... angry. What do you do?
I assert myself, using body language before speaking of course. I would speak in a rather calm tone and ask about their being here, if one was to attack me, I would most likely let out a warning bark or "call." In another scenario, they are declaring war, I would call for the Naval, or a higher rank, and step away from them; tis not my business in whether a war is to be called upon or not.  

Someone suspicious has joined the group. What do you do?
I simply greet and welcome them, like any other wolf. I would probably spend more time in getting to know this wolf, seeing if their body language gives off their being there is simply not one of honor. I wouldn't wear my welcome with being in there presence and thus would leave them alone if I declare there is nothing wrong; if something seems wrong I would inform the Naval.

Two canines (in the pack) are fighting over a meek scrap of food. What do you do?
I step close to the two of them and hope they stop fighting. If they stop fighting I would give them a long talk and give them a lecture that included the lore of the pack. If they do not stop the petty fight over food, I would quickly get to one of our royals, and let them take it over from there.

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