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Post by Sorren on Thu Jun 20, 2013 6:44 pm

Hello there! So you're still interested in joining the Brethren that you've made it this far. Well, I want to be the first to congratulate you.
[Click the darker colored words to be directed to a part of the website.]
Here's how it's gonna go down. First, your going to have the read the rules.
After you've read the rules, you can mozzy on down to the application page.

Oh, and make sure to read our FAQ. Lots of handy things in there that can be useful. (FAQ is located at the top of that page.)
And remember, you are registering with your character name. NOT username.

Remember to create a new thread and post your application. [Thread topic being: Name - Rank wanted ]

If you are active for at least a week, then you are eligible to rank up.

Here's the starter ranks you are allowed to choose from:

Charmer [Ho]

In the healer branch.

Contender [Hc]

In the fighting Branch.

Rescet [Hi]

In the scouting branch.

Goldom [Hs]

In the guarding branch.

There is no hunter due to the fact that everyone in the group may hunt.

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