Name - Desired Rank [Application Skeleton]

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Name - Desired Rank [Application Skeleton]

Post by Sorren on Thu Jun 20, 2013 6:54 pm

Make sure you create a new thread.~

[Picture of character here; make sure it's not too big so it stretches the forum. If you can't provide one, that's fine.]





Rank Desired:

Now please answer the following questions: {The way your character would}

Please make it readable. Not squished together.

You see someone new in the group, what do you do?

Quick! A lion is about to attack some pups! What do you do?

Two canines are approaching the group. Both look... angry. What do you do?

Someone suspicious has joined the group. What do you do?

Two canines (in the pack) are fighting over a meek scrap of food. What do you do?

Thank you for answering the questions!

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