Rules of Fangs

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Rules of Fangs

Post by Sorren on Thu Jun 20, 2013 4:58 pm

All rules must be followed or else punishment will be thrown upon those who don't obey.

In Character [IC]

Navals word is law. It will be followed by all means.

Respect others

No godmodding / powerplaying

No sparkles / wings/ unrealistic items

All lower ranks must submit to their higher ups.

Keep cursing to a minimum.

Females CANNOT be super small. Ones who are; will be asked to grow or will be killed.

Females should be pregnant for at least 3 days IRL.

Let the higher ranks do their jobs.

Aging: 3 weeks IRL = 6 months [Pups must remain pups for 3 weeks.]

Out Of Character [OOC]

Respect everyone

Try not to curse all the time

Tell the group when you have friends coming

If you want your character to die, please whisper the Naval saying so. Might make a plot out of it.

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