Rank Layout

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Rank Layout

Post by Sorren on Sat Jun 22, 2013 11:46 am

So this is the rank layout. Peasant/Yipper being the lowest ranking, other then Gnaws which are like Omega's. When a recruit joins, they may choose the level two Ranks. When a pup becomes of age, they are known as trainees. When the teacher thinks they are ready, they will take on the full rank after their ceremony.

Level 4 ranks are challenge-able. However, if the Naval sees the challenger unfit for the job or wants to keep said wolf in said rank, the challenge will be called off.

So here are the levels:

Level 5: HU, HD, HT
Level 4: HHC, HHS, HHO, HHI, HHB
Level 3: HC, HS, HI, HO, HB
Level 2: Hc, Hs, Hi, Ho,
Level 1:
H, [no tag], O

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